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Pets and Essential Oils

As essential oil users, we have come to use oils to benefit so many different areas of our lives. It is only natural, then, to want to benefit our furry friends as well. However, current research on using oils with … Read More

Support Your Immune System from the Inside Out

No matter the season, if you don’t properly care for your immune system, it can seriously influence the way you feel every day. Exercise, nutrition, sleep, and other healthy habits help to strengthen our immune system, but sometimes we need … Read More

7 Steps to Beautiful Skin

Skin is one of the first things others notice about you, and is probably the first thing you notice about yourself as you get out of bed and stare into the mirror every morning. If you have bad skin, you … Read More

Using Essential Oils in the Home: Bedroom

Is your bedroom a gathering place for laundry? Your favorite place to unwind and watch a movie? Or just the room where you fall into your bed after a long day? No matter how you use it, your bedroom can … Read More

Sleep and Heart Health

Introduction Time spent in bed accounts for nearly 1/3 of our existence. But when it comes to health, sleep is generally not regarded to be as important as our diet and physical activity behaviors. With contemporary research, we are discovering … Read More

Staying Active During the Winter

You know that moment. You’re sitting in bed, not quite asleep, but not quite awake. The covers are warm and cozy, and you can practically hear the crunch of frost outside. The heat kicks on with a low hum. You … Read More

Essential Oil Metabolism

When essential oils enter the bloodstream, they have an effect on the whole body. The oils circulate through the bloodstream and interact with tissues and cells throughout the body. Eventually, the circulating oils must pass through the liver, which is … Read More

Gut Microbiome Health

Not seeing the results you were expecting from your new and improved dietary habits? A recent study suggests that the reason may be found inside your gut. The gut microbiome is becoming of more interest to nutrition science researchers as … Read More